Principal's Message

Welcome to King-Chavez Preparatory Academy!  We are a public charter middle school serving grades 6-8.  This is my first year at Prep and I am looking forward to working together with staff, parents and students to create an outstanding middle school experience for all of our families.  

Prep offers many unique programs and opportunities to our students. Students participate in advisory, book clubs, P.E. and dance on a regular basis.  These programs allow students opportunities to work with multiple staff members and develop relationships with many adults on campus. Our P.E. and dance program give students opportunities to be active each day and dance teaches our students different forms of expression.  

Our classroom teachers work in teams each week to develop curriculum, plan lessons and analyze student data.  Each teacher  facilitates an after school club, which are available to students after school on Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays. These clubs are both academic and fun and allow teachers to share their passions with students. We have a prime time program for students who need to be on campus early or stay late.  We also have many support teachers and staff including an English Language Development Teacher, math assistants in 7th and 8th grade math, a full time counselor, a psychologist, two vice principals and two special education teachers who have asssitants to support students as well. Prep is a well staffed school with a many adults available to support students and lots of opportunities for students to learn and enrich themselves.  

We are looking forward to a fantastic year!!