King Chavez Community High School’s Associated Student Body (ASB) serves as the voice of the student body. The primary responsibilities of the Officers, and Committee members is to meet and address the opinion and needs of KCCHS students and advocate for them.


ASB will also oversee the expenditures of student funds for events and sponsoring school wide programs that foster community and unity among school. ASB main focus is to promote citizenship, scholarship, leadership, and human relations where all students feel accepted and appreciated. In addition to organizing and promoting various events students will also focus on completing specific academic assignments throughout the year.


For further information please visit our ASB website located here:


Governing Cabinet


  • There are 32 Associated Student Body Representatives

  • 4 Executive Board Officers elected by the student body as a whole

    • ASB President

    • ASB Vice President

    • ASB Secretary

    • ASB Treasurer

  • 4 Class Officers elected by their respective graduating class

  • 12 appointed members that are selected by the Executive Board

All ASB members are enrolled in a Leadership Course which meets during 6th Block. ASB holds formal meetings every Wednesday. Meeting minutes are available upon request via ASB Google Documents. Anyone is welcomed to sit on a meeting. If someone would like to place an item on agenda, request must be turned in Tuesday morning.



ASB Director