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King-Chávez Community High School

King-Chávez Community High School (KCCHS) is a public charter high school located in downtown San Diego.

As of the 2017-2018 school year, the total enrollment stands at approximately 500 students spread over two campuses.

One campus supports our freshmen, while the other is designated for our sophomore, junior, and senior classes.

KCCHS runs a dual-outcome program. All students have the opportunity to meet the University of California’s A-G subject-area

requirements and take honors classes. Students are also able to complete a Career and Technical Education pathway and an internship in order to

prepare them for a career.  

We offer a range of extracurricular activities and increased learning time after school.

Our athletics program includes volleyball, baseball, softball, cross-country, soccer, basketball, flag football, cheerleading,

and track for both boys and girls.

Our Mission

We seek excellence in academics, arts, and athletics from the foundation of love.

The King-Chávez name is more than an honoring of the names of great 20th century civil rights leaders.

It is our commitment to ensure that all students receive a fair and rigorous education.

We believe that the philosophical essence of our work is to be a beacon of hope through carrying on the living work of

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Mr. Cesar Chávez.

We realize that the current state of public education is fundamentally failing our country’s most vulnerable people and minority populations.

We believe that the measure of a society and a generation is not in its greatest advancements but how it has served the least among them.


The school opened its doors in the 2009-2010 school year. We are one of seven academies in the King-Chávez Neighborhood of Schools

Network, established to meet the needs of King-Chávez students coming up through the elementary and middle schools within the network.

The school began with just 9th graders and added one class per year, graduating its first senior class in June 2013.

KCCHS occupies two sites in downtown San Diego.    

Educational Philosophy               

Our philosophy of education is simple, ancient and taken directly from the third century BC Chinese sage Lao Tzu:

“If the teacher is not respected, and the student not cared for, confusion will arise, however clever one is.”

We understand the value of standards - based practice and sound pedagogy and that these need to be paired with an authentic environment

of care and respect. We keep systems and processes simple and aligned with the outcome of student academic achievement.

Great progress is made through consistently meeting simple and attainable goals.


There is a sacred moment that happens between a teacher and a student where learning occurs.

We believe learning best occurs in an environment where this moment is continually and systemically cultivated, encouraged and manifested.


Alumni College Assistance Program (ACAP)

The success of our students and alumni is of utmost importance to the entire King-Chávez Neighborhood of Schools.

We are committed to being involved in the lives of our graduates throughout their college careers.  

At King-Chávez Community High School, everything that we do is built on a foundation of love for our students.  

With that in mind, KCCHS has instituted the “ACAP” to help fill the voids in financial, academic and personal support that many

young people face when attending college.

The college assistance program begins once our graduates reach their respective college campuses, helping to provide them with the

necessary resources to sustain themselves financially, academically and personally to best prepare them for success as college students.