Academic Programs



Arts and Media Entertainment - Teacher, Mr. Norbeck

Business Math - Teacher, Ms. Fogarty

Social Justice - Teacher, Ms. Wilson

Creative Expressions - Teacher, Mr. Villegas

AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) - Teacher, Ms. Castaneda



One of our Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) is that we will graduate socially conscious and caring individuals.  In order to accomplish this goal, we have developed a Character Education program that will be reinforced within Advisory on a weekly basis as well as through in-class lessons and individual/group counseling from the counselor and morning message from Administration.  Our character ed values are visible throughout the classrooms and halls.



For students who need more time to learn concepts we provide several

opportunities for additional time with our teachers.


Brain Breaks/Winter Intersession - During these three weeks many

students are on break.  For those students who need more time to practice

concepts we have intersessions that provide a week of instruction with our

teachers with smaller class sizes and hands on learning opportunities to

practice concepts.  


Clubs - There are a variety of clubs offered after school that provide students

with additional opportunities to work with teachers and computers to

solidify concepts.  


Saturday School - On the first Saturday of each month we run a Saturday

School from 9-12.  This is an opportunity for students to make up any missed

work or to get assistance on assignments they need help with.