Frequently Asked Questions

What is an internship?

An internship is a formal program to provide practical experience for beginners in an occupation or profession. An internship also provides participates with an opportunity to explore career options, while creating valuable relations with professionals.

Is an internship required to graduate?
Yes. All KCCHS students are required to complete an internship, which will be graded and included on their transcript.

Are internships paid?
No, internships during the 11th-12th grade year are not paid but may lead to paid employment after school hours or when the internship is over.

Do I get to choose my own internship?
No, you do not get to choose your internship but every effort will be made to place you in an internship of interest to you. Don't worry though if you don't get exactly what you want...all of the internship opportunities are designed to give students a meaningful and rich learning experience to further develop your skills.

Can my student set up his/her own internship? If so, how?
Yes. Student's interested in setting up their own internships need to see Mrs. Cortez to get the forms and instructions. Mrs. Cortez will then meet with the site and approves or denies the request. Note: Students cannot work with their Parents or any relative they are living with to meet the internship requirement. Other family members will be considered on a case by case basis.

Am I required to drive my child to internship?
No. Interns will be in an area that students can get to and from easily via bus and/or trolley. However, you are welcome to provide transportation to and from the internship site if you wish to do so.

What are the benefits of my student competing and internship?
Interns will build new skills, explore career opportunities, discover new areas interests while setting new goals, and develop professional relationships with mentors and co-workers.

When will my child get home?
Afternoon Internships end at 3:16pm so your child should be home no later than 4:00pm. 

Will my child have time for extra-curricular activities?
Yes. The student will need to communicate in adance of any schedule change(s) needed should it interfer with the regular school day schedule. 

Can I meet the people my child will be interning with?
Yes. If you are interested in meeting your child's mentor you can coordinate a time through Mrs. Cortez. Please do not show up to the internship site unannounced.

What types of internships are available?
A wide variety of internships will be available in organizations/companies such as law firms, non-profits, hospitals, schools, City Offices, technology firms, real estate offices, museums, and much more.