High School Athletics Seasons

The High School athletics calendar is broken up into 3 seasons: Fall (September- Mid November), Winter (Mid November – Late February), and Spring (Late February – End of May). 

Students can only play on 1 team per season, but can play on a different team each season. For example you could run Cross Country in the Fall, Play Soccer in the Winter and then compete in Track and Field in the Spring.

King-Chavez Community High School offers the following sports:

  • Fall- Boys and Girls Cross Country, Girls Tennis, Flag Football, Girls Volleyball

Cross Country- 5K races once a week, Great sport to help you get in shape both mentally and physically.  Come on out and run with the Vaqueros, Everybody that wants to compete gets to compete in each race, so there is no sitting on the bench.  The goal each week is to improve on your personal best time.  You need a good pair of running shoes, no converse allowed!

Girls Tennis- A great lifelong sport! 2 matches per week, Tennis racquets are provided.  Come out and qualify for the league tournament at the end of the season.  If you have never played Tennis before, it is as easy as hitting a ball over a net.

Flag Football-   All the fun of NFL, without the concussions.  It all starts with great blocking so we need linemen (or Linewomen) to lead the way.  Join the Flag Football team and play 1 game a week with a chance to score touchdowns and lead the Vaqueros to the first ever Charter Flag Football Championship!  We play a game at Qualcomm stadium every year.

Girls Volleyball- Brand new for the '14-'15 school year.  CIF Volleyball is played in a gym, not at the beach, but it's just as much fun.  No experience necessary! Join the team, be part of history!

  • Winter- Boys and Girls Soccer, Boys and Girls Basketball

Soccer-  You’ve all played it before, come out and be part of the tradition that Vaquero Soccer is here in San Diego.  Prove that you are the best, against the best competition in Southern California.  We play 2 games a week.

Basketball- The most fun live sporting event at King-Chavez Community High School!  A great sport to play, no matter what your skill level is Coach will teach you to play the game like a professional.  All you need to be great is hustle and the will to practice your shooting, passing, dribbling, and defense.  We play 2 games a week.

  • Spring- (Boys Volleyball, Boys and Girls Track and Field, Baseball, Softball)

Boys Volleyball- Just like the girls game, but with different uniforms...

Track and Field- Track and Field has something for everyone: short sprints, long endurance runs, hurdles, long jumps, high jumps, relays, and throwing events.  We compete at all league Track Meets at the Olympic Training center!

Baseball- America’s Pastime, Has made its way to KCCHS. This year we plan on taking a league championship home. Step up to the plate and swing for the fences.

Softball- A Girl's only sport, similar to baseball but with underhand pitching. Get dirty and have fun!

Cheerleading runs year-round- Our cheer team is one of the pride and joys of KCCHS. They work hard and set the tone for every home athletic event.  They get the Vaquero Crazies ready to go, on the sidelines and have lead to many KCCHS victories.