Be Eligible to Play!

Athletes are held to a higher standard at KCCHS, and they must do the following to remain eligible to participate in athletics.

  • 2.5 GPA or above (If you want to play your sport in college you should maintain a 3.0 or better, year round)
  • Attend school, on time! (athletes that are absent from school are not allowed to participate in athletic events.  Multiple absences or tardies to school or class, will also make a student ineligible to participate)
  • Behave in class and do your work. (Academics take precedent over any athletic event, also if any teacher contacts a coach about and athletes poor behavior or attitude they may be ineligible to participate, upon review by the athletic director and coach)
  • Every athlete and their guardian must read and sign all of the forms and paperwork regarding the school’s athletic policies, found in the athletic handbook, and turn that packet in to Coach Gentile.
  • Every athlete must get a sports physical, and have their physical form signed by a doctor. Physicals are good for 1 year from the date of the physicians signature (the form for the physical can be found in the athletic handbook).
  • Attendance at practice and competitions is mandatory, if you make a commitment to your team you are expected to keep it.  Absences from team events may result in a removal from the team.
  • High School athletes are not allowed to play on a club team in the same sport as their high school team, during the high school season.  This includes, Saturday leagues and Tournaments. (Example: It is fine to play Club Soccer until the high school season starts and you can start up again in March, when the high school season is over)


Transfer Students:

Any Student that transfers into KCCHS from any other school must come see Coach Gentile to file transfer paperwork before they are allowed to play a sport.