Daily Acitivites

  • Circle Time

    Children come together and begin the day with a greeting song, participate in calendar and weather activities, classroom jobs are assigned.
  • Clean Up Time

    Children practice cleaning up after themselves, sometimes work together with other children to complete a task and put toys away where they belong.
  • Closing Circle

    At this time the children get together at the carpet one last time and sing a goodbye song while waiting for their parents to pick them up.
  • Indoor Exploration

    Children may freely move around the classroom to explore with teacher planned materials in small groups or individually.
  • Literature Circle

    Children come together for teacher directed activities such as singing songs, rhymes, and listening to stories that connect with their daily learning lesson and inside activities.
  • Meal Time

    Children will enjoy a meal family style with their friends. During this time the children will serve themselves, practice good table manners and have conversations with friends and teachers.

  • Outdoor Exploration

    Children bring their classroom outside and explore by using their gross motor skills.